July 21 – 22, 2020, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Anja Tchepets for her workshop introducing our participants to EXPRERIMENTAL DRAWING – Written Artworks during the basic course within the Studio Program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School, Arts Incubator, and Live Online Courses & Classes.

Written Artworks

Since the last two decades text has obtained an ever greater presence in our lives. Emails, text messages, tweeting, social media, letters, words and sentences, unfolding in front of our eyes with dazzling speed.

Yet text does not only serve as a source of information. Text and art have been intertwined for centuries – early examples are to be seen in cave paintings and medieval illuminated manuscripts. Since the last century text became one of the central elements and important tools for art creation used by numerous international and contemporary artists as a dominant in their artworks.

We will start this course by looking at some examples from art history and then examine different usages of text in art: as determination of materiality, as expression of ideas and concepts, as a decorative element and as a staging concept. We will experiment with forms of individual letters and with the composition of words.Through various exercises and group discussions we will explore different approaches and artistic methods of integrating text in our own artworks. ” (Text by courtesy of Anja Tchepets)

More information on the Anja Tchepets Website.