Program Description

The Berlin Art Institute and all its programs stand for an interdisciplinary art practice. The Incubator Program promotes transdisciplinary collaboration at the intersection of art, the cultural, creative & digital industries, ArtsTech, research, technology, and science. The BAI Arts Incubator addresses entrepreneurially-minded artists, inventors, innovators, researchers, and (prospective) entrepreneurs seeking further training in the creative environment of the arts to incubate their ideas and develop their future or already existing projects or startups. The integration of the BAI Arts Incubator into the Berlin Art Institute creates an atmosphere within an international community that allows one to become acquainted with and test artistic methods and approaches with the aim of implementing them in creative processes and project developments.

  • Visit to BOOK A STREET ARTIST by Charlotte Specht & Mario Rueda
  • Visit to DAN PEARLMAN
  • Seminar LET‘S GO PUBLIC! by Various & Gould
  • Seminar THE ART OF WRITING by Louisa Elderton
  • Seminar THE ART OF WRITING by Louisa Elderton
  • Seminar INTERVIEW by Manfred Schneider
  • An der Industriebahn
  • Seminar Area
  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider
  • BAI Hashtags

BAI Grants for Artistic & Artificial Intelligence!

The BERLIN ARTS INCUBATOR offers scholarships for a fixed desk (conditions on request).

A variety of approaches, ideas and innovations are promoted at the BAI whose potentials are analyzed and reflected upon in a professional, contemporary art discourse. The BAI provides the participants of the Arts Incubator with co-working places and direct access to the BAI Studio Program to enable a collaborative working environment as well as international exchange and synergies.

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Our Program Structure

  • Check-in | Each block at the BAI starts with an introduction for the new participants, during which current thematic and organizational topics are discussed.

  • Individual and group meetings | The Incubator Program includes weekly individual and group meetings dedicated to your project/company.

  • Discourse | Thematic reflection on and discussion of the participants’ ideas, project developments, strategies, visions, experiences, subject knowledge and expertise, and artistic theory and practice.

  • Coaching | Feedback, training and consulting as single, team and project coaching on the topics of communication, presentation and visualization of one’s own work as well as entrepreneurial goals and personal prospects. Insight into and advise on networks, potential partners and mentors.

  • Block seminar (Guest Lecturer) | A multi-day block seminar by a guest lecturer is held each block: he/she presents his/her artistic position or a specific topic and engages in a collaboration and an intensive exchange with our participants.

  • Lecture (Guest Lecturer) | Once during the block, we invite a currently interesting speaker to deliver a lecture and to review works of our participants.

  • Seminar Area and Reading Lounge | In addition to the personal workplaces, the BAI provides an extra seminar space for lectures and talks and a small library.

  • Work conditions | One major advantage of the BAI is its spatial structure that allows working in several rooms in small groups. This enables exchanging ideas at the workplace as well as concentration and calm.

  • Workplace | The participants of the BAI Incubator Program have access to their desks 24 hours a day. The bright rooms are between 45 and 55 square meters large and around 3.5 meters high. They are equipped with working tables and chairs, overhead lighting, and light protection for the windows. Your personal workplace consists of a working table, chair, storage rack, and WLAN.

  • Kitchenette | for shared use

  • Certificate | The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE acknowledges your participation in the Incubator Program with a certificate.

The courses are conducted in English. On public holidays there is no program.