There is hardly any other city whose creative and unconventional atmosphere attracts so many artists and young talents as Berlin. The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE grasps itself as part of this vibrant scene. As an independent location for artistic practice, discourse, and research, the BAI makes use of the large selection of national and international artists in Berlin, generating its temporary and regular partners from this pool to make a broad and flexible program offer and individually respond to the needs of its participants.

The BAI provides all participants with a workplace, individual supervision, courses, projects, lectures, workshops, and an interdisciplinary discussion forum. Our concept is based on the discourse and engagement with the individual artistic work, in which we and our lecturers and colleagues are involved. Our regular events with alternating artists, critics, curators etc. facilitate an exchange between the BAI participants and actors of contemporary art in Berlin and provide important stimuli and constructive critique in regard to maintaining and freely developing one’s own artistic position.

With its concept of production site, an innovative arts incubator and international artist residency, the BAI pursues the vision of advancing the relationship between art, cultural exchange and training as a process of consciousness-raising in which the participants can discover and emancipate themselves. The BAI banks on a constructive and critical discourse on a par with all persons involved, whether beginners or professionals.

Our Strengths

  • Flexibility

  • Networking

  • Tailored Program
  • Internationality
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Cooperative
  • Curiosity
  • Discursive
  • Humor
  • Passion

Our Motivation

  • BAI Warm-up

Our potential is based on our years of practice as fine artists and our experience as teachers at various art universities and academies. This led to our vision of establishing and directing an institute dedicated to artistic practice, discourse, and research in Berlin.

With our flat hierarchy, flexible program, and broad network spanning the Berlin art and gallery scene, we at the BAI offer a contemporary and innovative concept and an alternative to existing art schools and academies.

We are additionally working on establishing a structure and network connecting further art universities, academies and institutions with the BAI. With our Residency Program, we seek to facilitate and promote national and international exchange and provide access to the art metropolis of Berlin.