Welcome to Berlin

Berlin is one of the most exciting and vibrant art centers of the world. The German capital appears to be a magnet in contemporary art. The city attracts artists, galleries, curators, critics, and collectors be it for a few weeks or months, for a few years or forever. A young generation of international artists has chosen Berlin as a production site, something that manifests itself in the international art world, with artists presenting their works Made in Berlin at fairs, biennials and major exhibitions.

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  • Hackescher Markt
  • Dom
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  • Siegessäule
  • Goldelse
  • Blick nach Westen
  • Potsdamer Platz
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Book your study stay comprising a studio workplace, lectures, seminars, and visits!


Program Description

The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE | Art Production Site, Artist Residency & Arts Incubator makes use of the large number of national and international artists in Berlin and generates its temporary and regular partners from this pool to make a broad and flexible program offer. The regular events of the BAI with alternating artists, critics, curators etc. enable all participants an exchange with the actors of contemporary art in Berlin during their stay. The program is organized and moderated by directors who place a special focus on the content-related needs and artistic positions of the program participants when selecting guest lecturers and organizing lectures and work reviews. The monthly program structure of the BAI allows freely choosing the date and duration of the stay.

  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider
  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider
  • Visit to AN OLD NICHE FOR YOUR NEW NEED by Gabriel Kuri
  • Visit to THE GLOMAR RESPONSE by James Bridle
  • Seminar Stripes by Doris Marten
  • Seminar Stripes by Doris Marten
  • Lecture Kiss me, Hardy by Patricia Lambertus
  • Quino.bar
  • Candice Aquino
  • BAI Reading Lounge
  • Seminar Area
  • Visit to KÄTHE KOLLWITZ PRIZE 2015 by Bernard Frize
  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider
  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider
  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider
  • Seminar DRAWN PAINTING – PAINTED DRAWING by Manfred Schneider

Our Program Structure

  • Check-in | Each block, the BAI starts with an introduction for the new participants, during which current thematic and organizational topics are discussed.

  • Individual and group meetings | The studio program includes weekly individual and group meetings dedicated to your artistic work.
  • Discourse | Thematic reflection on and discussion of the participants’ artistic works and additional positions. The forum includes issues of mediation and self-organization.
    Basic Course (Guest Lecturer) | The Basic Course is specifically for participants who have not yet begun with artistic training. The course conveys basics in drawing and painting.
    Coaching | Feedback, training and consulting for portfolio preparation and documentation, presentation and visualization of your own artistic work.
  • Block seminar (Guest Lecturer) | A three-day block seminar by a guest lecturer is held each block: he/she presents his/her artistic position and engages in a collaboration and an intensive exchange with our participants.

  • Lecture (Guest Lecturer) | Once a block, we invite a currently interesting speaker to deliver a lecture and to review works of our participants.

  • Seminar Area and Reading Lounge | In addition to the personal workplaces the BAI provides an extra seminar space for lectures and talks and a small library.
  • Artistic practice | The structure of the studio program considers the need for sufficient time to work on one’s own art. This includes not only studio work but also research, idea generation, acquisition of material, experimentation, and also the scrapping of ideas and not least leisure time.
  • Work conditions | One major advantage of the BAI is its spatial structure that allows working in several rooms in small groups. This enables exchanging ideas at the workplace as well as concentration and calm.
  • Workplace | The studios of the BAI are available day and night for all participants of the studio program. The bright rooms are between 45 and 55 square meters large and around 3.5 meters high. They are equipped with working tables and chairs, overhead lighting, and light protection for the windows. One studio can be used by 3 to 5 persons. Your personal workplace is approx. 10 – 15 square meters large.

  • Kitchenette | for shared use

  • Certificate | The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE acknowledges your study stay with a certificate. For legal reasons, state-approved degrees may not be given.

The courses are conducted in English. On public holidays there is no program.

Our Team

The guest lecturers from different artistic disciplines work with various media including painting, sculpture, drawing, film/video, installation, photography, illustration, intervention, and performance.

Our Team

Our Studios

BAI Studios

BAI Studio Workplaces

Our Block Dates

The program of the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE is structured in blocks of 4 calendar weeks (CW) each. It makes sense to start the study stay at the beginning of a four-week program block.

Our International Target Group

  • Young people who want to study art and seek orientation. At the BAI, you can enter into a productive artistic process which is fundamental and helpful for vocational orientation through practical artistic work in the studio, classes, and direct contact and exchange with guest lecturers.
  • Art students who want to spend a certain period of time on a stay in Berlin during the course of their studies at an art university or academy.
  • People in creative professions seeking the influence of and exchange with actors of contemporary art.
  • Autodidacts wanting to professionalize themselves.
  • Professional artists who alongside their artistic work seek the thematic discourse, professional critique, and an exchange and contact with colleagues and actors in Berlin.
  • The diversity of nationalites of participants fosters an understanding for each other: Albanian | Algerian | American | Argentinian | Australian | Belgian | British | Brazilian | Canadian | Chilean | Chinese | Colombian | Costa Rican | Danish | Dutch | Egyptian | Finnish | French | German | Ghanaian | Guatemalan | Honduran | Hungarian | Icelandic | Indian | Indonesian | Iranian | Irish | Israeli | Italian | Korean | Lebanese | Luxembourgish | Macedonian | Malaysian | Maroccan | Mexican | New Zealand | Norwegian | Pakistani | Philippine | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Saudi | Scottish | Singaporean | Slovak | South African | Spanish | Swedish | Swiss | Tajikistani | Turkish | Ukrainian | Venezuelan (September, 2019)

Applications can be submitted at any time. Please send your CV, a short text on your motivation, and a maximum of three examples of your work via email.

The program of the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE is structured in blocks of 4 calendar weeks (CW) each. It makes sense to start the study stay at the beginning of a four-week program block. You can find the block dates above. Please let us know when and for how many blocks you would like to book the studio program.

Unfortunately the BAI cannot offer scholarships. But we can issue letters of recommendation and admission and endorse grant applications for candidates.

Workplace, accessible 24/7, including studio program:

There is a one-off registration fee of 50 €.
1 Block = 900 € | 2 Blocks = 1 800 € | 3 Blocks = 2 450 € | 6 Blocks = 4 550 €
9 Blocks = 6 600 € | 12 Blocks = 8 450 € | 13 Blocks (1 year) = 9 150 €

The fees are VAT-exempt by the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery Higher Education and Research pursuant to Paragraph 4 No. (21) (a)(bb) UStG (German Value Added Tax Act).

The registration & participation fee is payable immediately after the BAI confirms the successful acceptance in writing. Please do not make a payment before receiving a final confirmation by the BAI.

The welcoming culture of the BAI manifests itself in our care especially for our foreign guests. There is no possibility to live in the institute. Our team supports them in finding accommodations and helps them with visa issues and visits to authorities. Please check the visa regulations. For general information about mobility check touring artists.

Unfortunately the BAI cannot offer scholarships. But we can issue letters of recommendation and admission and endorse grant applications for candidates. Our candidates who got grants mainly did their own research bc they know better the institutions/foundations/businesses in their countries/area who could support them. Please also check the following list.


ERASMUS+ | Grab the opportunity to study, learn and gain experience abroad!


ERASMUS+ outside the EU

Erasmus+ Program in 27 Partner Countries outside the EU









Pro Helvetia | http://www.prohelvetia.ch/Visuelle-Kuenste.2546.0.html?&L=4

Migros Kulturprozent | http://www.migros-culture-percentage.ch/Home/160/Default.aspx

Stiftung Edith Maryon | http://www.maryon.ch/foundation/en/cultural-funding-applications/#.VRq9ZymXeKI

Ernst & Olga Gubler-Hablützel Stiftung | http://www.gubler-habluetzel.ch

Stiftung Erna und Curt Burgauer | http://www.kulturfoerderung.ch/de/address/586/


Kulturpauschale Basel / Swisslos Basel


Kanton Baselland



Stadt Zürich


Kanton Zürich





Canada Council for the Arts | http://www.canadacouncil.ca

Ontario Arts Council | http://www.arts.on.ca/site4.aspx


Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation | https://www.elizabethgreenshieldsfoundation.org




Michigan State | http://staff.lib.msu.edu/harris23/grants/3arts.htm

Cranbrook | http://www.cranbrookart.edu/library/research/grants.htm

If you know of any other grants and scholarships please let us know.


If you have further questions related to the studio program, feel free to contact us.