Project Description

The BAI offers international art universities, art academies, embassies, agencies, institutions, organizations, associations, foundations and enterprises the opportunity to cooperate in a Residency Program granting their own students/participants/scholars a study stay in Berlin.

  • Offer your students/scholars/participants the possibility of a study stay in Berlin.
  • You can rent a guest studio at a fixed yearly price exclusively available for you as a partner, and we offer comprehensive supervision of the guest students/artists as well as their participation in the entire BAI studio program.
  • The selection procedure for the participants of the Residency Program and the duration of the stay are determined by the cooperation partners.
  • The contract duration for a guest studio is at least one year. Up to three guest students can work in one studio (approx. 50 square meters). Working tables, chairs, and cabinets are provided.
  • We also offer the possibility to book a workplace in one of our shared studios as an annual subscription in the frame of the studio program, and to use the workplace alternatingly, e.g., for periods of three months.
  • The welcoming culture of the BAI manifests itself in our care especially for our foreign guests. There is no possibility to live in the institute. Our team supports them in finding accommodations.
  • The Berlin Art Institute acknowledges the study stay with a certificate. For legal reasons, state-approved degrees may not be given.
Please contact us if you have any questions related to the Residency Program.