Visit to MONOPOLY MONEY by Yuken Teruya, NEW default & HOURGLASS #1,2,3 by Katsuhiko Matsubara at Bar Am

Visit to MONOPOLY MONEY by Yuken Teruya, NEW default & HOURGLASS #1,2,3 by Katsuhiko Matsubara at Bar Am

July 08, 2020, 2 PM

Many thanks to artist Barak Bar-Am introducing our participants to the concept, program and history of Bar Am and guiding us through the presentations Monopoly Money by Yuken Teruya, NEW default & Hourglass #1,2,3 by Katsuhiko Matsubara. The visit is part of the BAI Studio Program | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School, Arts Incubator, and Live Online Courses & Classes.

Exhibition Dates: May 28 – August 01, 2020
Location: Bar Am
Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12 Noon – 6 PM and by appointment
Address: Goethestraße 2, 10623 Berlin, Aufgang D, 2. OG

“The rooms on the 2nd floor of Goethestraße 2 were my former studio. Neumeister Bar-Am gallery operated in those rooms until 2018 and since last year changing its name to Bar Am – the premises where I work and present art.

At Bar Am I look for new ways to engage with art and architecture and to establish a different format of collaboration with others. I invite artists, architects, writers, curators, gallerists and collectors to collaborate with me in creating new presentations in this space.

The next presentation at Bar Am will show a new commissioned work for the Würfel by Yuken Teruya, 3 large scale paintings by Katsuhiko Matsubara in Cabinet and a new default installation in Table.

In 2019, the wooden panels of the old shelving system were replaced with mirrors. This opened up another dimension in the room. The new visual space, entitled Cabinet, doubled in size; an imaginary shaft was now visible in the mirror, creating a new virtual ambulatory circuit.

Shaft, a video I shot with Milo Frielinghaus last year, is the centerpiece of the new default installation. In this video, I am going in circles around this imaginary shaft.

The new default installation is about the “Jetztzeit” and the “will have been” of the space. It’s about the building in the Goethestraße 2 and me in it. It is yet another default project because the post-Corona world calls for default. It is time to do things differently, to reboot to a new, simple and effective system of making and presenting art.” (Text excerpt from the press release by courtesy of Bar Am)

More information on the Bar Am Website.