In April/May 2017 in the frame of the studio program artist Carrie Sijia Wang worked out a video titled Memories of a Sunday Afternoon.

2017 / Video / 4 min 9 secs / Looped

A Sunday afternoon, a visit to the museum, where artifacts of the recent past are kept away in giant glass barriers for people to examine and reflect upon while being denied physical access.

A boat, powered by a primitive steam engine, super star of the First Industrial Revolution, now obsolete, drifts in a glass pond elevated way above the ground. Every hour on the hour, the engine is heated, and the boat circles around in water to put on a show. Barely holding itself together, and carrying the glory and horror of its past, the boat stumbles against the edge of the pond in circular motion, its sound resembling that of an old time film projector.” (Carrie Sijia Wang)

Carrie Sijia Wang is a designer and multimedia artist based in New York. More information on the CARRIE SIJIA WANG Website.