Since January 2018 Allard van Renterghem has been attending the BAI Studio Program and has worked out an interactive video installation titled the other body.

2018, interactive video installation, 165 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm, displaying video on loop (4’00)

‘the other body’ is an interactive video installation addressing intercorporeal communication in the digital era. The video on loop displays an individual breathing, enframing only the stomach. During proxemic interaction, a form of non-verbal communication involving the relative distance between two bodies, an audiovisual response is generated consisting of a change in respiratory rate. When the interacting individual comes closer to the other body, an increase in the breathing-frequency can be observed — mimicking normal human physiology. When the relative distance increases, the breathing-frequency goes down. From this bodily engagement, an affective or emotional environment arises which is intersubjective, shared between audience and artwork.

This work aims to sensitize the audience to interactions and subsequent intersubjectivity, to stimulate awareness of embodiment, to question human-digital relations.” (Allard van Renterghem)