From June – September 2017 in the frame of the studio program artist Alejandro Stein worked out a number of new artworks.

I view art as a spiritual practice; through the combination of multiple patterns, colors, the work creates an immediate impression that surpasses language. The contemplation will evoke feelings and those feelings become the engine of the whole experience, establishing a relationship in a space that allows each person to add his/her own meaning and turning into an integral part of the artwork. Symbology, architecture, mosaics, and nature, to name a few, are elements that inspire me throughout the creative process. I am self-taught. I have created my own set of laws, my own “artistic constitution” that guides and nurtures the execution of my work coherently and harmoniously. When I create the work’s structure I rely on spontaneity, freedom and instinctual impulse following the ‘inner need’ or ‘Kunstwollen’.

Every work is the outcome of experience, research and is a link in a developmental chain that contains the seeds of change. Although mistakes inevitably occur (in the search for knowledge) they contribute to the overall humanness and truth of my art. The works are hand-made with no technology involved in the process. This enables me to wholly focus on what I’m creating, living and breathing in my reverie. In this place is where I can feel the soul communicating to me. I become a conduit, translating and expressing in the language of color and shape, communicating to others new dimensions. To quote Walt Whitman: ‘… To me converging objects of the universe perpetually flow, All are written to me, and I must get what the writing means.’” (Text by courtesy of Alejandro Stein)

Alejandro Stein reviews his participation in the Studio Program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

“The environment at BAI allows you to get fully immersed in art, meaning that you have the opportunity to get in contact with artists from different worlds and learn from each other in every interaction you have such as studio and gallery visits, seminars, talks, etc. You are able to establish a relationship with peers sharing a space that encourages you to exchange ideas and, most possibly, come up with new ones for future projects. Ralf and Stephanie are very helpful and always willing to assist or guide you in any way they can.” (Testimonial by Alejandro Stein 2018)

Alejandro Stein, currently based in Miami, is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He lived in New York for nearly 5 years where he participated in a group exhibition for New York Kills Artists called “Neon Slaught” in October 2012 located in Brooklyn, NY. Some of his Black & White series are being exhibited and for sale at The Iconic Design Gallery in Miami, Florida. In June 2015 Alejandro moved to Tel Aviv. He participated in a collective exhibition “Color and movement celebration” at Al Hagam Gallery, Raanana, Israel, March 2016. In October 2016 he had his first solo exhibition “Optic Party” at Ben-Ami Gallery in Tel Aviv. He spent over half a year in Berlin in 2017 where he participated in the Studio Program at the Berlin Art Institute and where he had his studio as well. Currently he takes part in the group show “Like home” at GLINT Berlin.

More information on the ALEJANDRO STEIN Website.