From June – September 2017 in the frame of the studio program artist Diane Drubay worked out a number of artworks.

Check out BAI studio artist Diane Drubay’s work on transcendental experience of nature and light. From France and based in Berlin, Diane works with different mediums like video, photography, installation arts and music. Diane grew this fascination of light and nature while her visit to the garden of Claude Monet at Giverny to capture the awakening of the nature and its changes over months (series ‘Monet’s Secret Garden’).

Each of her series is a cognitive enhancer, a source of regenerative high consciousness by touching the authenticity and feeling powerfully alive. Within collaborations with musicians, her work explores the immersion of the audience facing a real time recomposed and decontextualized landscape whilst diving into music that follows the rhythms of nature. She has also collaborated with musicians from Australia, United States and Sweden to create deep ambient and experimental sonic representations of her video art.” (Text by courtesy of Naveed Majeed)

Diane Drubay reviews her participation in the Studio Program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

“I think we are all looking for time and space, time to reflect on ourselves and understand what surrounds us; but for an artist these two notions are even more valuable. Without this space for the mind and for expression, the thoughts only float without ever clinging. When I came across the program of the Berlin Art Institute, I was very impressed by the importance given to exchanges between artists, mentors and founders.

Conversation is at the heart of the BAI philosophy, a conversation to learn, think and express. The rhythm is intense I would not hide it from you, but it is with this exercise that we are urged to extract the essence of our thoughts and our Art. I would liken my three months in BAI like three months of immersion in an artist accelerator. To be immersed in such an international group, with such different cultures and experiences is an extraordinary opportunity, not to mention the exceptional quality of the speakers who openly share their successes and failures.

I would also point out that such an environment would not work as well if the atmopshere was not the bienvaillance. Ralf and Stephanie opened their arms to help shape us.” (Testimonial by Diane Drubay 2017)

More information on the DIANE DRUBAY Website.