Allan Gardner @ Royal College of Art

We are happy that BAI alumnus Allan Gardner got selected by the Royal College of Art in London. Starting in October 2018 he is going to attend the 2-year MA Contemporary Art Practice CRITICAL PRACTICE pathway program! More information on the RCA Website.

Allan Gardner reviews his participation in the Studio Program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

My time at the BAI was an essential part of my growth as an artist. Working among artists at varying stages in their career was a valuable learning experience and helped me to frame my own practice in a wider context. The studios themselves are beautiful, the other inhabitants of the building are insightful and the life in the city essential. I believe that without my time here, I would be a different artist today.

I’d like to use this opportunity to say a special thanks to Ralf and Stephanie, who have continued to maintain contact with me since my residency in 2016 – forwarding opportunities and maintaining a vested interest in my development. They always keep an open door for an alumni, I look forward to returning and seeing how the program has developed in the near future.” (Testimonial by Allan Gardner, 2018)

Allan Gardner is a Scottish artist currently based in Leeds. More information on the ALLAN GARDNER Website.