Seminar HYBRID REALITIES by Ann Schomburg & Sascha Boldt

April 11 – 13, 2017, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artists Ann Schomburg & Sascha Boldt for their seminar “Hybrid Realities – a story of the value of creative crisises” and discussing the works of our participants.

“Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt are giving an insight into their work and their upcoming publication. Within their artistic practice the artist duo is dealing with definitions of art within given power structures. Questions like “What is supposed to be art?”, “Where are the limits of acceptance?” are asked in different kinds of media. The main focus of Sascha Boldt’s interest is dealing with the hybrid architecture of reality perceptions. Ann Schomburg analyzes the contemporary entertainment needs and habbits with reenacted images of YouTube story time videos. Schomburg and Boldt are introducing the development of some of their new works, from the concept to a form to a performative gesture.

Each artistic position starts differently. Some are overfloated with ideas and need to be ordered and realized, others try to find a form for a concept and some fight with the blank canvas. Starting with the participants individual situations the different possibilities of artistic production will be analyzed and developed considering the following questions:

• Where is the interest into a theme, a form or an idea at the beginning?
• Which techniques might make sense to realize this?
• Creative project management
• Which are the main focuses of the participants and where are common interests?
• Artist-teams and supporting each other” (Ann Schomburg & Sascha Boldt)

 More information on the ANN SCHOMBURG and SASCHA BOLDT Websites.