April 04, 2017, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Aykan Safoğlu for his lecture “TO ART IS A RECIPROCAL VERB” and discussing the works of our participants.

“Aykan Safoğlu yearns to find forms of friendship. Often with participatory aspects, his artistic practice is non-medium-specific, trespassing various disciplines. By keeping the dialectics of a friendship at the center of his artistic strategy, Safoğlu tenderly revisits contemporary notions of community, gender and migration. In his recent video and performance work, Safoğlu re-introduces known analog and digital image-making techniques in order to intervene in widespread narratives of social norms and to conflate binary perceptions.” (Aykan Safoğlu)

For more information read Safoğlu’s interview with his friend/collaborator Gülşen Aktaş on the MAKHZIN MAGAZINE Website.