Exhibition Date: January 21, 2017,  8 pm – 1 am
Location: Kreuzberg Pavillon
Address: Naunynstraße 53, 10999 Berlin

With Owen Karrel, Jenny Winter, Ophélie Napoli, Stella Choi, Marcus Becker, Stephan Groß, Anna Plowden, Immanuel Rohringer,102, Mike Blumentopf, Mike Mac Keldey, Andrea Maria Krenn, Narges Khodabakhsh, Federico Moccia, Günter Patoczka, Lysander Rohringer, Mariusz Ruszczyk, Jaroslav Toussaint, Lena Wonnemann, ?LBG, Anna Augustin and Matthew Colodny.

“Each contributor applied with his or her own group-or solo exhibition that has the length of five hours divided through X. X. is the number of applicants. This resulted in 33:33 min. exhibition time for each contributor/s. The order of appearance has been decided by the lot.” (Text by courtesy of Kreuzberg Pavillon)

I. 8 – 8:33 pm
Untitled (Dog Walk)
Owen Karrel

II. 8:33 – 9:06 pm
The space in me – the space in you – the space between
Jenny Winter-Stojanovic 

III. 9:06 – 9:39 pm
Ophélie Napoli
Stella Choi

IV. 9:39 – 10:12 pm
Edwins Grün
Marcus Becker

V. 10:12 – 10:45 pm
Oh My Darling
Martin Groß
Stephan Groß
Oliver Spieker

VI. 10:45 – 11:18 pm
Anna Plowden

VII. 11:18 – 11:51 pm
Selected Collection Show :
Werk im Werk iX @ Kreuzberg Pavillon
Mike Blumentopf
Mike Mac Keldey
Andrea Maria Krenn
Narges Khodabakhsh
Federico Moccia
Günter Patoczka
Lysander Rohringer
Mariusz Ruszczyk
Jaroslav Toussaint
Lena Wonnemann
curated by Immanuel Rohringer

VIIII. 11:51 pm – 00:24 am
Anna S. Augustin

IX. 00:24 – 01:00 am
Component Parts
Matthew Colodny

More information on the Kreuzberg Pavillon Website.