January 17 – 19, 2017, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Heiko Pfreundt for his seminar “Can you do the spatial turn? Some practical advice on how-to-run a project space” and discussing the works of our participants.

“If a project does not necessarily mean an exhibition, and a space does not necessarily imply a room, what is the project space all about? If it all comes down to how the project spaces separate themselves from museums and galleries as the ‘third space’, we might begin with the principles of solidarity, independence and flat hierarchies in this sector that contrasts with the social promises elsewhere in the art world. If this will be decisive in the negotiation of the future of the arts, we might have to speak about it as a spatial turn. In an exchange of knowledge and the ideas of the participants, the seminar gives practical insights into how-to-run possible new spaces within the arts.” (Heiko Pfreundt)

Heiko Pfreundt develops playful concepts with Lisa Schorm at the artist-run Project Space Kreuzberg Pavillon in Berlin that he founded in 2011. He studied in the field of art education and visual communication and is a graduate from the University of Arts Bremen. In Berlin he worked for different project spaces, artist residency programs and institutions and received with Kreuzberg Pavillon one of the Project Space Awards of the Cultural Senate of Berlin in 2013. Until today – Kreuzberg Pavillon hosted over 130 shows and 800 artists in a weekly change. Beside his artistic practice he has been giving lectures at the cultural science institute of University Bremen from 2013-2016 about diverse forms of exhibition making and gaming as education. He’s a regular contributor to Norwegian Kunstforum Magazine and portfolio reviewer for nordic artists and designers at the Northern Embassies in Berlin. In 2016 he co-directed the third issue of the Project Space Festival Berlin.

More information on the KREUZBERG PAVILLON Website.