ME, GRAN AND PAPA von Shaun Beattie

ME, GRAN AND PAPA von Shaun Beattie

Von September – October 2019 erarbeitete der Künstler Shaun Beattie die Mixed–Media–Installation Me, Gran and Papa innerhalb des Studioprogrammes am BAI | Kunstschule, Kunstinkubator & Artist in Residence in Berlin.

Me, Gran and Papa, 2019 / Video / 3 min 54 secs / Looped / Pen on Paper / Foto

“March 30th, 2002, The day that the Queen Mother died. My Gran – usually very sweet – became convulsed at the images being played back from the tv set. ‘What did she ever do for Scotland?! What have the royal family ever done for us?!’ My initial reaction was to feel confused and a little shocked. But as time goes on, I find myself thinking that it’s a very good question. I have many memories from my early years being around my grandparents – sometimes it’s important to recall these events to reflect on who I am today and why.”(Text: Courtesy Shaun Beattie)

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