FROM THE INSIDE by Carolina Amaya

From September – December 2016 in the frame of the studio program artist Carolina Amaya worked out an installation titled FROM THE INSIDE.

2016, assembly, pictures, charcoal, acrylic, paper, glue, objects, 350 cm x 520 cm

“Human existence, before any other condition, demands stability, the permanence of things; From this permanence in time, are derived an endless number of memories that are setting our lives up to today, to what we know of ourselves and what dwells in our unconscious.

This installation its a compilation of more than 5000 pieces collected and stored for more than 11 years. It contains written dreams, desires, sketches, photos, thoughts, my deepest fears, memories, loves, my sexuality, My obesities and my tortures. I decided to do this installation to create a dialogue with myself accepting who I am as a woman, Lover, sister, friend, i faced my strongest fears and the things that I love most. It is ambiguous. But it all comes down to TIME.” (Carolina Amaya)

Carolina Amaya is an artist based in Bogota/Columbia. In October 2017 she will come back to BAI and attend the studio program for 1 year.

More information on the CAROLINA AMAYA Website.