Seminar THE MAKING OF THE UNREALIZED by Heiko Pfreundt

June 05 – 07, 2018, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Heiko Pfreundt for his seminar The Making of the Unrealized and discussing the works of our participants.

“Imagine this seminar introduction to be written in sand: If the museum is not the final destination of the artwork and the artwork is not the final destination of the art, we might have the personal ability to challenge disciplines and become a bit more undisciplined, too. The seminar seeks constitutional moments in a plethora of spatial concepts and genre-crossings with a certain playfulness. We find those places in unexpected neighborhoods to our own artistic ideas and might call them project spaces. Here we find forms of collaborative artistic working, we want to talk about – as well as forms of production that might undiscipline your work to new levels.“ (Heiko Pfreundt) 

More information on the KREUZBERG PAVILLON Website.