June 29, 2017, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Andreas Koch for his lecture “SEEING, PERCEIVING AND REVIEWING – different layers in Andreas Koch’s work as an artist and as a writer” and discussing the works of our participants.

“The artist Andreas Koch reflects in his lecture his works, which are mainly about space and its perception, which he analyses through different media like photography, film, sculpture and mixed media. Therefore he often changes the scale and relations between objects. Endless zooms in his films, rescaled objects or photomontages are putting the spectator in a almost surreal manner in different prospectives.

In his lecture he shows films and works, but he will also talk about the berlin art system in which he used to play different roles. He is also publisher of the art magazine von hundert, writes critics, designs books for other artists and was eight years director of the gallery Koch und Kesslau.”

More information on the von hundert Website.