Vortrag YOUNG UKRAINIAN ART von Olia Fedorova

Vortrag YOUNG UKRAINIAN ART von Olia Fedorova

02. Oktober 2019, 13 – 15 Uhr

Vielen Dank an die Künstlerin Olia Fedorova für ihren Vortrag Young Ukrainian Art innerhalb des Studioprogrammes am BAI | Kunstschule, Kunstinkubator & Artist in Residence in Berlin.

“It will be a talk about who are the young artists in Ukraine, which topics are they interested in, what questions they try to arise and which problems they face on the first steps of their career. I will show some works from the artists of my generation that I think can illustrate what is happening in the Ukrainian young art scene today.(Text: Courtesy Olia Fedorova)

Olia Fedorova was born in 1994. She graduated at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts of Kharkiv (Ukraine), where she lives and works. 

Her research is based on the language phenomenon, gathered in its fragility. By means of a plurality of expressive means, numbers, graphic signs and symbols, the artist investigates the mechanisms of supply and reading of contents, their interpretation and retransmission and, at last, the role played by each person, group, or an entire community in the communication processes.” (Text: Courtesy Yuliya Say)

Solo exhibitions of Olia were held in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa. Finalist of the contest for young Ukrainian artists MUKHI 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017); winner of the contemporary visual art contest of Nathan Altman (Vinnytsya, Ukraine, 2017); finalist of the Ukrainian Biennale of Young Art (Kharikiv, 2019). Took part in residencies and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and USA.

Derzeit ist Olia Fedorova im Rahmen des vom UKRAINIAN INSTITUTE finanzierten EXTER-Programms Gast im BAI Residenzprogramm am BERLIN ART INSTITUTE. Ihre nächste Ausstellung “Nothing Will Come of Nothing ” bei Circolo (Turin, Italien) kuratiert von Yuliya Say beginnt am 08. Oktober 2019.

Weitere Informationen auf der Olia Fedorova Website.