404 | BAI displays the painting Coexisting Life by the artist Hyon Hartberger at Town Hall Berlin Pankow. She was a participant in the Studio Program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School & Arts Incubator in 2018/19. By invitation of Sören Benn, the district mayor of Pankow, every six months the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE selects a BAI fellow to exhibit an artwork in the conference room.

Location: Town Hall Berlin Pankow, Conference Room
Address: Breite Str. 24a – 26, 13187 Berlin, 1st floor

“Spending time in Berlin, a city in a country that is unfamiliar to me, has allowed for me to reimagine my vision as an artist. New experiences and new feelings drove me to evolve even more and look at things from a different perspective. This year I really wanted to look into myself and follow my emotions. Feelings of being alone or being homesick while being in a new surrounding are a central theme. All my characters represent someone I know or a feeling come to life. Some recurring images are things I see in my studio, my apartment or even things I see on my walk home. Combining these new visual stimulants to what I already know has transformed the way I express myself on the canvas.

I didn’t have a specific artist to look at for inspiration. I really made an effort to have the pieces I made be something that came from me and only me. Because of that you can see the techniques I have learned over the years not just with acrylics but also with traditional Korean calligraphy. My goal was to be able to paint and to release any emotion, positive or negative, on the canvas. It was meant to be a healing process. Each color choice and each character placement was a release of whatever I was feeling during my time in the studio.” (Text by courtesy of Hyon Hartberger)

More information on the Hyon Hartberger Website.