In the framework of the basic course Art in the Neighborhood artist Nataliya Scheib did a public intervention at An der Industriebahn in Weißensee district, Berlin.

Three Nuts for Cinderella, September 2015
Gold paint on 3 nuts in a tree

“Three nuts are painted gold directly on a tree as a reference to a movie “Three Nuts for Cinderella”, which was made in 1973 by collaboration of Czech Republic and GDR. Given the fact that the site is located in the former GDR territory, when I saw these three nuts hanging on a tree, the childhood movie instantly came to my mind.

In the movie, three nuts stand for Cinderella’s three wishes, and maybe taken as a childhood dream for a happy life. I have painted the nuts in gold color by a way of reference to their magical power as each nut grants one wish.

Perhaps if someone will look up and notice the three gold nuts, will be reminded of this childhood movie and his thoughts will be disrupted and maybe for a moment the person will have another chance to reflect on his life.” (Nataliya Scheib)