From May – June 2017 in the frame of the studio program artist Dara Khakpour worked out a multi-media installation titled STILLNESS IN MOTION.

2017, digital programing & multi-media installation, dimension variable

Stillness In Motion was installed as an experimental multi-media installation for the u.A.w.g. exhibition held by Berlin Art Institute. The installation was created by combining digital programing and spacial intervention with the aim of creating a sensory experience for the audience. By using programing software and open resources, such as Processing and Codepen, I wanted to create a digital animation with the intention of being projected in the space.

A sculptural installation made out of different materials was assembled in the space with the purpose of being used as a projection surface, and also to intervene with the interior architecture of the spaceI wanted each member of audience to have the opportunity to experience a sense of self-embodiment with the space by engaging with the work. By placing a computer mouse on the floor in the center of the space, I invited the viewer to interact with the digital projection. Therefore giving the viewer the control to step in and out of what is seen as real and what is considered as an illusion or representation. Due to the space being dark, the mouse was placed on a reflective surface so it would be visible to the audience. Also there was a signplaced outside the space that encouraged viewers to interact with the mouse.  

As each participant moved the digital projection throughout the space they began to play with their perception of the installationThe presence of this quality in the installation enabled them to change perspective and to see things in a completely new way, while also allowing them explore the different textures and qualities of the materials used in the sculptural element of the work. Sound was an important element to have present in this installation as well. By playing a variety of soundscapes within the space, I wanted to create a dreamlike environment that produced a calming effect with the intention to seduce each participant to slow down and stay longer, and to enjoy their own company by being present in that moment.” (Text by courtesy of Dara Khakpour)

Dara Khakpour reviews his participation in the Studio Program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

“After graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, I was in search of a residency that would allow me to develop my practice in my own time. BAI was instrumental in doing so because the Studio Programme offered me the flexibility, freedom and space to investigate where I wanted to take my artistic practice next. Ralf and Stephanie share a vast knowledge of the art world, and are passionate to help you propel your practice. They spend one on one time with participants to help them grow, and provide constructive criticism that is useful in giving them new ideas and direction to apply to their work.

The program offers a diverse array of lectures, studio visits, and tours that expose participants to the vibrant art community in Berlin. Also this introduces participants to a range of driven professionals, which creates an opportunity for them to experience their diverse practices. The international presence of the program was a great quality as well because it enabled me to connect with inspiring artists from many countries, and build relationships that can lead to future collaborations. In the end, I found the Studio Programme quite successful in helping me give new direction to my practice. The program helped me explore ideas to implement into my future work, and allowed me to expand on my capabilities as an artist.” (Testimonial by Dara Khakpour, 2017)

Born 1993 in Tehran, Iran artist Dara Khakpour is currently based between Vancouver, and Tehran.

More information on the DARA KHAKPOUR Website.