January 19 – 21, 2016, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artists Ann Schomburg & Sascha Boldt for their seminar “TEAM UP!”.

“The view on the artist figure is historically changing. The seminar will be based on a discussion about contemporary strategies of surving the art machinery. The artist as a lone or as a team player – how does the artistic practice change taking a step back to reach out for an overview?

Ann Schomburg and Sascha Boldt will show their artistic development as a sample towards a colletive work coming from very different starting points: Schomburg studied mediart/performances in Kassel, a school focused on a very critical view on the art market while Boldt studied painting in Düsseldorf in the classes of Markus Lüpertz and Albert Oehlen. Since 2014 the collaboration creates hybrid performances and conceptional objects based on an argument and reflections about contemporary aesthetics and social developments.

The Idling Gallery was an initiative by Ann Schomburg realised with Sascha Boldt. The space is a mixture between a pop-up gallery and a project-space with a fixed home base. Connected to the „Idling Concept“ the gallery is within an idling sleep and awakes for content based exhibitions as a platform for emerging and established artists to enter a dialog. The profile is interdisciplinary focusing on positions refusing to compromise within their artistic practice.

Schomburg and Boldt present strategies how they used their network of collegians to organise exhibitions throughout Europe.

Sliding from discussing into action the concrete works of the participants will be discussed and the opportunity for a group show will be reviewed. Within this presentation the group will discuss experiences and potential exhibition opportunities for the participants. Where is everybody coming from, which opportunities are already there, undiscovered? How to use contacts without exploiting them too much?” (Ann Schomburg & Sascha Boldt)

Ann Schomburg
 *1984 lives and works in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. Schomburg is working on strategies of infiltration to given structures. Her latest project “The Idling Mobile” is a hybrid object: A sculpture which transforms into an artist in residency program, inviting artists into exhibitions and residencies she was invited to as part of the artwork.

Sascha Boldt *197X lives and works in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. Boldts work ranges from 2 to 3 dimensional collages that deal with the construction and architecture of reality. He sees himself as a Hybrid playing analytically and situationally with systems and their specific aesthetics.