Seminar TALK THE WALK by Ulrika Segerberg

May 08 – 09, 2018, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Ulrika Segerberg for her seminar “TALK THE WALK and discussing the works of our participants.

In her lecture at BAI, Ulrika Segerberg (*1976 in Sweden) will talk about the processes behind developing her work and her particular interests that go into that. Her exploration of the relationship between words and visual objects, between the body and the object. Performative objects. Words made physical.

Starting from the premise that the world is a process and not a stationary fact, Segerberg works on a continuous evolution of images, forms, words, materials and patterns that are capable of flowing freely from one medium into the next. Forms will be enlarged and exaggerated, making specific scenes visually and indisputably tangible. Segerberg characterizes her work as collages, but three-dimensional. Her snippets; the images, textile-works, ceramics, chairs, buckets or sounds, put together into installations or objects. Her working method permits changes to be made right up into the last stages of production. She nurtures and cares for the improvised, the chance, the mistake and the collapse. 

Also in the lecture, Segerberg will show examples of the musical collaborations that have lately had an impact on her work. As M.O.G. (Mothers of God) she and artist Katrin Plavčak perform and improvise on sewing machines. The duo use contact-microphones and a looper on the sewing machines, recording sounds and building beats. Singing and rapping about wild animals and chaotic motor-bike rides, having money and no money, surfing and love. For the Berlin post-core band Kratze and the electro duo Matka (with Martin Kleinmichel) she sings and writes lyrics. (Ulrika Segerberg) 

More information on the ULRIKA SEGERBERG Website.