Lecture THE UNTITLED TRUTH by Frederik Foert

Lecture THE UNTITLED TRUTH by Frederik Foert

February 14, 2019, 10 am – 2 pm

Many thanks to the artist Frederik Foert for his lecture THE UNTITLED TRUTH – Titles, texts and letters in the arts and discussing the works of our participants within the Studio Pogram at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency & Art School.

“Once upon a time ago popes or bishops hired artists to paint biblical scenes, so that also the people who were not able to read the bible could imagine all the different stories about saints and martyrs. Nowadays it seems that visitors sometimes have to read a whole book to understand what’s going on in contemporary art. How could this change of habit happen? Do we miss the sensuality in the art? But also there’s a fruitful interaction between image and text …

This lecture will give an overview of text based art works from medieval illustration over comics to pop art and conceptual art …” (Text by courtesy of Frederik Foert)

More information on the FREDERIK FOERT YouTube Channel.