Lecture SCORES FOR DAILY LIVING by Emma Waltraud Howes

November 16, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm

Many thanks to the artist Emma Waltraud Howes for her lecture “SCORES FOR DAILY LIVING” and discussing the works of our participants.

“In her lecture for BERLIN ART INSTITUTE, Emma Waltraud Howes will discuss the benefits of improvisation and adaptability in the careers of international artists. She will present her most recent work, Scores for Daily Living, as a working methodology to explore interdependencies – techniques for the comprehension of internalized borders, methods for translation and magnification to an external site, and an oscillation between interior and exterior dynamics. She will also introduce practical exercises toward a method for supporting the agency and creativity of the individual. Exercises include a frame to work within, the highlighting of embodied knowledge, and exploration of accumulative possibilities that occur when diverse individual skill sets encounter one another.” (Emma Waltraud Howes)

Emma Waltraud Howes (f. 1976, Canada) worked in a professional context as a dancer and choreographer before shifting her focus towards performance, video, sculpture, sound, and various 2D media within the framework of a conceptual art practice. Her current work is guided by observations of gestures with a focus on the development of an expanded choreographic practice. She incorporates public interventions, kinesthetic and architectural research, and an underlying drawing component in the form of graphic scores for performances that can be interpreted by orchestras, dancers, and the public. These compositions are representative of a stage in the development from concept and intention to depiction and effect. Howes approaches the stage as a place of theater and a moment in the expansion of a social process. She is drawn to include the audience in this practice through an invitation to occupy the space of the exhibition as actors in a process of negotiation and play with perceived borders and boundaries.

More information on the Emma Waltraud Howes Website.