October 18, 2018, 10 am – 2 pm

Many thanks to the artist Patricia Lambertus for her lecture “NARRATIVE AND IMMERSIVE SPATIAL IMAGES” and discussing the works of our participants.

Patricia Lambertus develops visually stunning installations between fiction and reality as well as beauty and destruction. Her interest lies in social breaks, cracks and and interfaces. The research field she is working on is “the fascination of violence” and “the desire for power” in the everyday media manifestations.

The installations are always site-specific and they reflect always the place as a historical, social and architectural location. The using of the medium collage and décollage makes it it possible to show the breaks through the apparent reality. In the installation there are obvious breaks, cracks, and cut edges. The trompe l’oeil effects are shown open to the viewer, so that he is simultaneously illusioned and disillusioned at the same time. The own frame of reference of immanent reality and one’s own perception enters into a dialogue with the surroundings.

Within the picture space there are various layers of pictures. They can be read as archaeological stratigraphies, layering, with the fund horizons being analyzed and dated. There are appropriations from the history of art, from the media, finds from the net as well as own pictures, which developed during several research stays.” (Text by courtesy of Patricia Lambertus)

More information on the Patricia Lambertus Website.