In the framework of the basic course Art in the Neighborhood artist Ghada Abaza did a public intervention at Liebermannstraße in Weißensee district, Berlin.

Insurance for a new beginning. Insurance for a new day. Insurance for the rebirth of the new from the old. October 2015

Acrylic paint and mixed media on a rusty metal surface, 55 x 60 x 15 cm, attached to the metal gate of an old neglected building. A plant pot is attached to the painting and to the gate.

“These were the words that arose to my mind when I came across the old neglected building that was long ago an insurance company, where people came seeking insurance for a better life and future.

I have always been concerned, in my work as a painter, about a certain concept: ‘The existence of beauty in any imperfection and the transitional metamorphic phase that leads to a new beginning’. I can relate to that personally and can also recall the interchangeable period I witnessed in my country during a chaotic unsettled four years after the Revolution. Consequently, every transitional state calls for a change that results in the rebirth of the new from the old and life goes on.

In this public art work, the location and the metal surface represents all that; the old and the promise for the new. The painting represents the transitional period that holds beauty within and calls for its interaction with the public, location and plants attached.

My purpose is to make people accept this whole interaction operation between the three components, in order to cherish the old along with any change it proposes, to achieve and appreciate the new outcome.” (Ghada Abaza)