In the framework of the basic course Art in the Neighborhood artist Schuyler Hazard did public interventions at former Radrennbahn Weißensee and Prenzlauer Berg district, Berlin.

Litfaßsäule (Advertising column), September/October 2015

False Advertisement
, October/November 2015
Mixed Media Collage

“When first seeing the advertisements covering ever centimeter of Berlin I was immediately drawn to the accidental collages made by layering on ad on top of the other. Each advertisement was so exaggerated, in order to attract attention. I thought it would be an interesting concept to take these posters, in their preexisting layers, and begin to advertise events, bands, and movie screening, which do not exist; in doing this, those who notice the public art will be rewarded in a sense – and hopefully find the humor in these ridiculous ads as well. By intervening with these pieces in a public space – in the streets of Prenzlauer Berg, around the Eberswalder Straße Station – I wanted to create something that would blend in among the ads, and be seen by those who stop long enough in their busy days to look closer.” (Schuyler Hazard)