Im Rahmen des Studioprogrammes realisierte Tara Bewley eine Intervention im öffentlichen Raum am Pasedagplatz in Berlin-Weißensee.

¿giwT, Juni 2016
Zweige, Acrylfarbe, Klebstoff. Verschiedene Größen 2,5 – 12,5 cm Länge, 0,4 – 1,4 cm Durschmesser 

Nature predominantly comes from living things, but it can also be a product of normative behaviours and paradigms.

A cigarette contains numerous impressions, constructs and symbolisms that have been built upon over the years. Today, regardless of being a smoker or not, we are all surrounded by patches and fields of the remnants of consumed cigarettes.  The ‘natural’ state of this environment is more often than not, not a disturbance to our daily lives as we busily hurry here, there and nowhere.

Finding twigs, reconstructing them by providing a coat of paint and placing them in a situation pre-disposed for the unneeded leftovers of a cigarette, I desire to create a disturbance for the passerby.

Does a remnant from a tree seem more unnatural than the remnant of man-made product of capitalism?  Will the passerby contemplate his or her own consumption patterns? Or will the pieces go by unnoticed? Will they be taken from their new location because they don’t ‘fit’ into our normalized environment?

Which is less processed and refined?” (Tara Bewley)