READ ThinK LOVE by Abdelhak Yahiaoui

In the framework of the studio program Abdelhak Yahiaoui did public interventions at various S-Bahn, bus and tram stations in different districts of Berlin.

READ ThinK LOVE, July 2016
Acrylic paint, cardboard. Variations in size

“The public space is for me the best space to exhibit art like a street gallery, people can appreciate, remove, destruct or take the work , they are absolutely free .

But also for this very important idea that artists should work for all people not just for the so called elite, because in this particular situation you will see the creativity and the limit of the artist, what you can bring as positive for people, the public space will challenge your vision of art .

I think this is the main idea to bring art for all people and of course to use it as a tool of communication, simply to communicate hope for our life, but more than hope, to communicate new ideas, new way of thinking, new vision to communicate very important ideas of a new ideal for all humanity.

You can be subversive and bring radical changes with simple ideas expressed through art. I say this because modern artists look for celebrity instead to look for celerity I mean to look for ideas that push any human being to see beyond what he/she sees. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi).”

We are living in times completely surrounded by negative messages , in our daily life in art, fashion …. you just need to read what people wear on particular T-shirts you will ask to yourself how can a human being wear this T-shirt with such a stupidity on it.

For this reason I decided to create a positive message; I hope you will find it positive:




If you notice all letters of read and love are in capital letter it means over read and over love but for think just the first and the last letter are in capital letter just to create a balance and symmetry it means think but do not over think otherwise you will destruct yourself .

We always say that artists are completely free to create whatever they want unfortunately they do not use that freedom to progress themselves; to progress others people they are very far may be, just maybe for this reason most of people do not appreciate the art of our time.

I always compared freedom to light both them are endless, vital and both them are surrounded by endless questions. But one of the most important thing about light is there is light that show you the way in life and light that dazzle you; blind you and gives you the illusion of enlightenment .

I hope you will look for the light that show you the way in particular in our crazy time . Same thing for freedom I hope you will look for the freedom that leads you to progress.

I guess this is what we need: work of art that push us to question, to go beyond your zone of mediocrity (comfort zone), ART that reminds us: we are just a human being and we should live all together in love and peace whatever our originalities (identities). We must reconquer what is conquered, it is neither lands nor seas nor heavens, but it is beyond, it is our thoughts.” (Abdelhak Yahiaoui) 

More information on the Abdelhak Yahiaoui Website.