January 13, 2017, 3 pm

Many thanks to the artists and curators Juan Blanco & Ana María Millán introducing our participants to the laboratory of form-ideas and guiding us through the exhibition “IMMORTALITY FOR ALL | OBSERVATORIUM LABORATORIUM #1” at SAVVY Contemporary.

Exhibition Dates: December 11, 2016 – January 15, 2017
Location: SAVVY Contemporary
Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2 –7 PM
Address: Plantagenstraße 31, 13347 Berlin-Wedding

Artists: Tom Bogaert, Juan Blanco, Jan-Peter Gieseking, Kinga Kielczynska, Kristof Trakal, Ana María Millán, Paula Niño, Lydia Paasche, Esteban Rivera, Rizki Resa Utama
Curators: Juan Blanco, Ana María Millán & Esteban Rivera

“IMMORTALITY FOR ALL is an exhibition that addresses the notion of death as well as concepts of immortality and their forms of management – death as capital and economy, the representation and celebration of death in architectures, sculptures, images. The artworks featured here speak of death not as the end process of life, but as a perpetuation of life through symbols.

IMMORTALITY FOR ALL has been developed as an associative dialogue on death and monumentality between the artists and curators Juan Blanco, Ana María Millán and Esteban Rivera with a selected number of peers, mostly based in Berlin. Their exchange was inspired by SAVVY Contemporary’s location in Wedding´s former crematorium (the first of its kind in Berlin): a protected building, a historical sign of the changing cultural measures around death management in the early XX century.

IMMORTALITY FOR ALL marks the first in the laboratory format OBSERVATORIUM LABORATORIUM, in which emerging curators or artists propose exhibitions inspired by SAVVY Contemporary‘s concepts and visions, as well as its forms of sociopolitical reflections and speech.” (Text by courtesy of SAVVY Contemporary)

More information on the SAVVY Contemporary Website.