In the framework of the basic course Art in the Neighborhood artist Nataliya Scheib did a public intervention at Pasedagplatz in Weißensee district, Berlin.

Ukrainian – Russian Cultural Heritage, September 2015
Acrylic paint on metal pillars, 19 cm height x 10 cm diameter

“Folklore, traditions, cultural background comes to mind when one sees this work. I painted the pillars in Ukrainian and Russian traditional designs each, as the cultural heritage of both countries share the same Slavic languages, certain traits, mythology and historical background.

After the recent events developed between Ukraine and Russia for the reason that each country wants to go in different directions, about 6000 lives lost to date.

My intention with this work is to bring back from memory similarities between each country’s mythologies and cultural traditions. It is my way of saying that both countries can peacefully co-exist, no matter which directions each country chooses for itself. I do still wish for the freedom of choice and hope for a better future of each country.

My purpose is to bring the beauty of colors and cheerfulness to the site, and maybe a thought, a memory, a glimpse on the peaceful life.” (Nataliya Scheib)