Lecture PICTORIAL SPACE AND RIME by Nikolaus List

June 02, 2016, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Nikolaus List for his lecture “PICTORIAL SPACE AND RIME”.

“What is a painted picture in the digital age?
How can a painting look that deals with the increasing presence of the world on one hand and the growing imagery of private life on the other?
What kind of relationship exists between viewer and painting, which paintings do we actually look at?
Why does anybody look at a painting?

My works, which are figurative and nonfigurative at the same time, deal with the image as a language, as a surface of communication in a time, when images have become invisible. The subjects compete with other imagery, especially from advertising and entertainment industries, and are as well part of the huge body of paintings, that emerges in Europe from the beginning of the modern era. I question the illusionistic post-rennaissance, picture as a stage-concept in order to make visible rhythm, structure, ornament and rime. Bodies and forms that create rimes, make sense or the opposite. Make visible a sense of clearness and error of our times.” (Nikolaus List)