Lecture MULTI OPTIONAL FOCUS by Sascha Boldt

January 11, 2018, 10 am – 2 pm

Many thanks to the artist Sascha Boldt for his lecture “MULTI OPTIONAL FOCUS” and discussing the works of our participants.

“Contemporary art nowadays, as a social system with the most attribution possibilities, embodies a wide range of manifestations and content components. In order to work out a sustainable form and visual language as an artist, it is necessary to concentrate on specific techniques, means of design and formal decisions. Sascha Boldt, as a multi-conceptual artist, deals with the topic of ‘belief’ the manifold possibilities of art making and with art about the making of art. The definition of what art is is questioned by him in various groups of works and various media. Once the parameters of a group of works are implemented as a series, he understands them as internalized and follows the need to deal with other approaches to reinvent himself through these.

The lecture presents a selection of works from the recent years and raises the question for the own artistic identity of the participants within the presentation. A focus is set on works from Sascha Boldt’s series of “hybrid constructions” nested realities in which virtual and analog elements are linked together. A goal of the lecture is to offer the participants an approach by the range of the presented works to concentrate their own artistic production and to deepen it multiplicatively. The art as a lie which let us know the truth better forms thereby a component of the presentation.“ (Sascha Boldt)

More information on the SASCHA BOLDT Website.