Lecture KISS ME, HARDY by Patricia Lambertus

August 12, 2015, 2 – 5 pm

Many thanks to the artist Patricia Lambertus for her lecture “Kiss me, Hardy”: Stratigraphy between kitsch and violence in visual spaces of living.

“Taking as her starting point a nineteenth-century scenic wallpaper, The Battle of Austerlitz, the artist Patricia Lambertus creates installations that deal with the subject of violence in its various aspects, combining the visual language of the past with elements from contemporary news reporting on political and social conflicts. Her motifs often originate from wallpaper – photographed, collaged and otherwise processed – as well as visual material from the media and her own photographs. Specifically it sets to increase the field of tension between danger and kitsch from every day culture. She turns all these different components into richly detailed installations in which she poses questions about interior decoration and the autonomy of images. At the same time, the artist’s layered wallpapers function as stratigraphy, the archaeological study of strata, through which discoveries can be analyzed and dated.” (www.patricialambertus.de)

Afterwards we offered a fresh and delicious salad with black quinoa, mango, coconut, mint, lemon …