Lecture HOW TO BLOW YOUR MIND by Thomas Draschan

February 09, 2017, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Thomas Draschan for his lecture “HOW TO BLOW YOUR MIND – An Introduction to Subversive Art Practices” and discussing the works of our participants.

How to blow your mind – The art market has its rules, the art world has its rules, its unwritten laws. Having started my career with analog film, a no go for the art world in the 90ies, my work took many turns and I developed a set of survival strategies that keep my work afloat both in an economic as well as in an artistic sense. I want to try to share some of my experiences, artistic strategies and possible ways to deal in an ever changing art world where wealth, power, social connections seem to overrule personal message, artistic individuality and traditional skillsets.” (Thomas Draschan)

More information on the THOMAS DRASCHAN Website.