12. Juni 2018, 16 – 18 Uhr

Vielen Dank an den Künstler Xavi Kras (Javier Krasuk) für seinen performativen Vortrag “ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK” mit praktischen Übungen für unsere Teilnehmer*innen.

Part A

Understanding beats, BPM and sound colors. Live demo
Structure of electronic music
What is the key of a song and how it affects while performing
The art of mixing 101
Loops, Samples and morphing
Getting published


Part B

One on One with multiple tracks
When and where effects matters
The 21 min rule
Improvisation mix 2-4-8 simultaneous tracks

“Xavi Kras is a “hybrid of sound & eras”, an artist who is continually recreating himself and it precisely what he has been doing with his music since 1996. An Architect, composer, front-man, producer, and

[as he always states] not a DJ but a LIVE PERFORMER controlling the tunes, loops & beats of a sound that is becoming not just distinctive but also characteristic.” (Text: Courtesy Javier Krasuk)

Weitere Informationen auf der XAVI KRAS Webseite.