Basiskurs GRUNDLAGEN DER ZEICHNUNG von Nikolaus List

12. – 13. Januar 2016, 10 – 13:30 Uhr

Vielen Dank an den Künstler Nikolaus List für seine Einführung unserer TeilnehmerInnen in die „GRUNDLAGEN DER ZEICHNUNG im Basiskurs.

“For learning how to draw one needs neither a yearlong training of the fingers, like when learning a musical instrument, nor to repeat words over and over again, like when learning a language. Anyone can hold a pencil and move its tip to whatever position on a peace of paper. The key to drawing rather lies in seeing, attentively looking at things. Unbiased seeing creates understanding of what our eyes actually perceive: various levels of light, in various color hues, that is reflected from three-dimensional objects. Transcribing those levels on the two-dimensional surface of a paper is a step that can be done in only a few days. (Nikolaus List)