Wir freuen uns, dass unsere BAI Alumna Anna Plowden an der Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam/Niederlande zugelassen wurde. Sie wird ab Ende August am vierjährigen Bachelor-Studiengang Fine Arts and Design teilnehmen! Weitere Informationen auf der Gerrit Rietveld Academie Webseite.

Anna Plowden schreibt über ihre Teilnahme am Studioprogramm des BERLIN ART INSTITUTs:

“I started my time at BAI with only one month booked and ended up staying for four. The space is something I probably won’t be able to have again for years and I can say with no doubt it was the most I have learned in any school or art university so far.

In the first month I didn’t use my studio space so much: I was busy going to all of the lectures and seminars…. It’s hard to keep up with all the references ! Ralf and Steph know so much about what’s on or what’s relevant to what’s just been said and so do the people you are working alongside. Because of this you tend to leave BAI with pages of things to research, remember or go and see and of course it’s not always possible to do all of it… but its a super exciting way to get to know a city.

Because there are new people coming in every week to talk to you about their work you never know what to expect… Apart from coffee which there is always lots of. Because the group is small it’s very intimate especially for the seminars, where you have 3 days in a row with one artist. I really don’t think it’s like anything else, some in particular have stuck with me. It is also a rare situation when the visitors review your work because they may never see you again, which brings an honesty. Of course some criticism you chose to ignore but it was so helpful for me to have this instead of it being tiptoed round like I have often found before with art. Small bits of important advice like how to deal with form and content which completely changed how I have been working ever since.

Once I started working I found myself in the studio all of the time… Often with a few projects on the go and the remaining the months went way too quickly! Ralf and Steph took so much time to help me with my portfolio.. They came in on extra days to look at it; with them I took it apart, re-ordered it, titled it. Steph sat on the floor with me one afternoon helping me measure paintings I had to mount, leaning on the ruler so I could try and cut in straight lines.

I cannot thank them enough for the 4 months I spent at BAI !! I miss it a lot and when I go back to Berlin I will absolutely definitely visit. I got an offer from my top choice, the Gerrit Reitveld Acadamie in Amsterdam where I will start in August and I have no doubt I wouldn’t have got it without my time spent in Berlin. Thank you, thank you, thank you!.” (Testimonial von Anna Plowden, 2017)