From May – August 2017 in the frame of the studio program artist Clinton Hayden worked out a number of new artworks.

“Clinton Hayden’s studio-based multidisciplinary practice uses photography, objects and installation methods to investigate ideas of desire, intimacy and longing. During his stay at BAI, he worked around the concept of moralities and how stories are used to teach these moral values. Through conscious artist-made objects and yet unconscious series of images, Haydens work has dealt with the relationship between an object and its surroundings. The scale of these miniature sculptures and the “gallery” they are exhibited in is in relative to the art market and its stress for producing large-scale work.” (Text by courtesy of Naveed Majeed)

Clinton Hayden reviews his participation in the Studio Program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

“After travelling to Berlin in 2016 to visit some artist colleagues of mine, I decided to return the following year for a longer period to do some research and to develop some new aspects of my practice. While scoping out the residencies available in Berlin, the BAI really stood out with it’s program of seminars, artist talks and gallery visits. Lead by Ralf and Stephanie, who are themselves an amazing source of arts knowledge and wisdom, the program opened up new pathways of thinking through the discourse with the visiting artists and trips to galleries and studios. The ability to discuss aspects of arts practice with artist at varied stages of their careers was invaluable, and the intimate number of attendees to the BAI really made the time very special!

I left the BAI with an abundance of work, both developmental and finalised, and some great ideas to move forward with. I was really pleased with the outcome, and would highly recommend a stint at the Berlin Art Institute to any stage artist.” (Testimonial by Clinton Hayden 2017)

Clinton Hayden obtained a MFA with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology School of Art in 2011, and a BFA from the Australian National University School of Art in 2002. Hayden’s first solo ‘Objects for Rebels and Lovers’ with Beers London in 2015 was given top five shows to see in May from London Time Out and Whitechapel Gallery. He exhibits work frequently and has shown in London, Melbourne, New York and Reykjavik.

More information on the CLINTON HAYDEN Website.