Visit to WINDOW WORKS curated by Britt Janina Heinker and Various & Gould

June 20, 2018, 2 pm

Many thanks to Gould from the artist duo VARIOUS & GOULD for introducing our participants to the concept and program of the exhibition space SCHAU FENSTER – Raum für Kunst and guiding us through the group exhibition “Window Works” curated by Britt Janina Heinker and Various & Gould.

Exhibition Dates: June 16 – July 07, 2018
Location: SCHAU FENSTER – Raum für Kunst
Opening Hours: Saturday 12 Noon – 4 PM
Guided Tours: Saturday 2 – 2:30 PM & on request
Address: Lobeckstraße 30 – 35, 10969 Berlin

Participating artists: Axel Void, Brad Downey, Evol, Gretta Louw, Leonid Keller, Palz/Polaris, Stephanie Steinkopf, Various & Gould, Yvon Chabrowski

The group exhibition ‘Window Works’ involves positions of international artists, although working with different media all addressing social topics or theories in their oeuvre. Giving window-like insights into the ideas and conceptions behind the artworks, the exhibition title ‘Window Works‘ can be understood as a peephole through which the work of the participating artists becomes visible.

Primarily, the exhibited works themselves function as windows highlighting current, socially relevant debates. No matter how diverse the artists are in their approach and creation of the works, they all deal with issues that we encounter in our everyday life in a metropolis.

In ‘Window Works’ topics like anonymity and exclusion, feminism and role models, identity and meaning of life, social inequality, digital communication and urban planning are picked up.” (Excerpt from the press release by courtesy of Schau Fenster)

More information on the SCHAU FENSTER Website.