Visit to TOPIC TROPIC by Jan Brokof & 44flavours

July 13, 2016, 2 pm

Many thanks to the author and musician Jan Kage alias Yaneq introducing our participants to the history and the concept of SCHAU FENSTER and the artist Jan Brokof guiding us through the  “jungle” installation entitled “TOPIC TROPIC” curated by him & 44flavours in collaboration with:

Ana Lessing Menjibar | Andrea Sunder-Plassmann | Andreas Hildebrandt | Anne Neukamp | ATAK (Georg Barber) | Lenia Hauser | Martin Assig | Max Frisinger | Peter K. Koch | Rory Laycock

Sound: DE KJ
Music: Shania Twins live | DJ Obstsalat | Pira Lemu ///Audio

Exhibition Dates: July 08 – July 31, 2016
Address: Lobeckstr.30 – 35, 10969 Berlin

“If there really is a paradise, it must be a botanical garden or else all things would not have their own place” after Linné

With this exhibition we will create a botanical garden of clichés. We are not only the gardeners but also the philosophers, scientists, discoverers, architects, adventurers, and conquistadors. Against the European concept of cleanliness, scientific approach and the desire for differentiation, we hold the tropical sprawl, the appropriation, the naïveté, the wildness, and the poesy.

Our hyperbolic tropical house turns into a diorama. The centre piece will be a tropical, botanical shelf architecture. Within this installation, we will present the works of our guest artists.” (Text by courtesy of  Jan Brokof & 44flavours)

More information about the SCHAU FENSTER on the DAS ARTY Website.