Visit to PASSENGERS at Salon Dahlmann

June 15, 2016, 2 pm

Many thanks to the director Sophie Prager introducing our participants to the history of Salon Dahlmann and guiding us through the exhibition “PASSENGERScurated by Christina Nippe.

Nevin Aladag – Christina Dimitriadis – Kalle Hamm & Dzamil Kamanger – Daniel Knorr – Riikka Kuoppala & Julia Kuprina – Robert Lucander – Jonathan Monk – Anna Retulainen – Jani Ruscica – Nasan Tur
in cooperation with The Finnish Institute in Germany

Exhibition Dates: June 04 – August 27, 2016
Opening Hours: Saturdays, 11 AM – 4 PM
Address: Marburger Straße 3, 10789 Berlin

“Just like the passenger in Iggy Pop’s song, artists are constantly in motion and therefore it is not uncommon that they are involved in transnational productions. Networks, movement and everyday practices have all given rise to a new transnational space that needs to be explored. The manner in which the numerous stations of their biographies coincide signposts the changing locations of globalised artistic work. Their mobility links previously remote outposts, they form cross-boundary networks and create their works in a space that lies beyond national borders. They are attracted to different towns and cities and often have different ideas of what constitutes home and what lies between. The aim of the Passengers exhibition is to help promote a new understanding of the concept of mobility.

Questions that become increasingly relevant in this context are: How do perception – and therefore also artistic practice – change as a result of mobility and migration? Can artists act as cultural translators? To what extent do they experience everyday living as a transnational life and thereby create a third artistic space beyond national cultural practices? And also: What do these changes mean for our curatorial practice or our understanding of art history beyond the confines of national state categorisations?” (Text by courtesy of Salon Dahlmann)

More information on the SALON DAHLMANN Website.