Visit to NUR by Erwin Kneihsl

February 03, 2016, 2 PM

Many thanks to Lorena Carràs & Julia Oehme introducing our participants to the gallery concept and guiding us through the exhibition “NUR” by Erwin Kneihsl at GALERIE GUIDO W. BAUDACH.

Exhibition Dates: January 29March 05, 2016
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM – 6 PM
Address: Potsdamer Strasse 85, 10785 Berlin

“In nur Kneihsl negotiates the elemental foundations of his medium. His point of departure is the indispensible prerequisite of all photographic imagery: light, represented here by photographs of the ultimate light source: the sun. This subject matter is set up in contrast to the grain of the film, its pixels, the smallest module of each and every analogue negative and each and every associated print. The grain is represented in enlargements that make the original motifs recede in favour of their magnified granular structures. Situated next to a cubic spatial enclosure bordered by neon lights and suspended from the ceiling – like the other works in the exhibition – the sun pictures and grain images are interspersed with a series of completely monochrome prints that refer to the scheme of grey levels, the basis of black-and-white photography. These sun pictures, grain images and monochrome prints were all taken on analogue cameras and the handmade silver gelatin prints are mounted on grey cardboard using staples.” (GALERIE GUIDO W. BAUDACH)

More information on the GUIDO W. BAUDACH Gallery website.