September 07, 2016, 2 pm

Many thanks to the stage and film designer Notker Schweikhardt welcoming our participants to his KULTURCONTAINER and garden and providing a comprehensive insight into his main topics as a politician.

Address: Frobenstr. 1 (corner Kurfürstenstr.), 10783 Berlin

How I try to make Berlin a better place for artists

I would love to share a few insights with you.
I am and have been a freelance stage and film designer for many years (next premiere October 13th). And I do hold a part time job as Abgeordneter at the Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus, being the spokesman for creative industries for the Green Party. So if you are ready for this – it would be my pleasure to speak to you. About how my frustration about economical and structural deficits in the creative world made me turn politician, what I can do, what politics can do and – last but certainly least – what you can do make Berlin a true artists place.

Therefore I do look forward to get to know you – my „Kulturcontainer“ and my small garden are waiting for you.

Until then,

yours sincerely,


More information on the Notker Schweikhardt Website.