Visit to HOMETOWN.BERLIN by Wandelism

August 08, 2018, 5 pm

Many thanks to Moritz Tonn and Señor Schnu introducing our BAI participants to the mission & program of Wandelism and guiding us through the art project “Hometown.Berlin.

Exhibition Dates: June 16, 2018 –
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 4 PM –10 PM | Saturday & Sunday, 2 PM – 10 PM
Address: Hertzalle 41, 10787 Berlin

“Our mission as WANDELISM e.V. is to create space for artists in the centre of the city. Hometown.Berlin is the second project after our hugely successful Urban Art Exhibit, “Wandelism” in the spring of 2018. Wandelism’s attendance was nearly 35000 guests in a span of 14 days in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district.

Hometown.Berlin is an Open Air Atelier where the artists are provided with materials and space at no cost to them. In a sense we’re addressing the shortage of ateliers from a different angle: since we can’t afford to build proper ateliers we instead supply the materials and space the artists need to create and thereby called the Open Air Ateliers into existence.

Although we emerged out of the Urban Art space, we explicitly do not want to create any separation between the various art disciplines. We strive to offer a space dedicated to the creation of art. Art beyond judgement or level of popularity.” (Excerpt from the press release by courtesy of Hometown.Berlin & WANDELISM e.V.)

Additional WANDELISM projects:
September 01 – October 30, 2018: Paste-Up Festival Berlin | September 01 – October 13, 2018: Monumenta Leipzig

More information on the WANDELISM Website.