Visit to FLOAT/ING at Very Project Space

Visit to FLOAT/ING at Very Project Space

June 26, 2019, 6 PM

Many thanks to the artists Anna ZettDirk Bell introducing our participants to the concept and practice of Very Project Space and to Aleksandra Bielas & Gislind Köhler providing an insight into the group exhibition and performative encounter FLOAT/ING within the framework of the Project Space Festival Berlin. The visit is part of the BAI Studio Program | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School & Arts Incubator.

Exhibition Dates: June 20 – 26, 2019
Location: Very Project Space & at the banks of river Panke
Address: Badstr. 66, 13357 Berlin

“Between June 20 and 26, 2019 Very hosts F L O A T / I N G – an exhibition and performative encounter, responding to a list of verbal associations with the term floating, which is simultaneously understood as a notion and an acronym. This Wednesday I N G moves the encounter outside to the banks of the old river Panke near Very project space.

In 4 performances artists are seeking contact with the Panke, a shallow river which long served as a sewer for tanneries and chemical industries and is now more or less functionless. For 1 evening Panke is tried as the destination of a dialogic procession (Johanna Ackva), a datastream (Vincent Grunwald) a place to breathe (Martin Kohout) and an object of partial cleansing (Yala Juchmann).

6 pm – exhibition open at Very
7 pm – performance by Johanna Ackva taking the audience to Panke
Johanna Ackva is joined by the performers Anna Jarrige, Carrie McILwain, Inbar Kubi, Johanna Faber, Marleen Dahms, Margaux Marielle-Trehoüart, Nicole Wendel, Sebastian van Vugt
8 pm – performances by Johanna Ackva, Vincent Grunwald, Yala Juchmann and Martin Kohout at the riversite

F wie Fiktionen / Failure / Fantasm
L wie Leisure / Leidenschaft / Lust / Lungs / Lies
O wie Orientierung / Objekte / Observation / Ornament
A wie Ausstellung / Auseinandersetzung / Adventure / Alibi
T wie Text / Transzendental / Therapeutical / Tanz / Totem / Täuschung
I wie Irrgarten / Irritation / Inspiration / Intersection
N wie Narration / Nebeneinander / Neuanfang / Neutral / Nostalgic / Norm
G wie Glück / Gegensatz / Guilt / Gelegenheit / Give/ Goodbye

FLOAT/ING is organized by Aleksandra Bielas, Gislind Köhler & Anna Zett.
ING is organized in cooperation with When The Hunger Starts – Project Space Festival Berlin 2019.” (Text by courtesy of Very project space)

More information on the VERY Facebook Page.