December 17 – 19, 2019, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Ann Schomburg for her seminar Experimentalize, Contemporary Habits and discussing the works of our participants within the Studio Program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School & Arts Incubator.

“Within her artistic research Schomburg refers to her personal observation of social phenomenons around her. Viewing everything under the attitude that all truth is an individual interpretation, she challenges a concept of a common sense. Schomburg suggests new viewpoints such as “arthacks” that are supposed to hack reality by the tools of art. Using and including social media for expanding her artistic storytelling into the internet, Ann Schomburg focuses on the digital estrangement of society.

Satirical attempts can be tough within a massculture that creates images which are hard to overdraw in a cynical flavor. Shows such as the bachelor, dschungle camp, big brother, snog marry avoid or naked dating shows already rise the question, if this could have a serious intention without including a social critique itself.

The Seminar EXperimentalize, contemporary habbits is taking a closer look at the development in social media and the meaning for the personal artistic practice. After a discussion about what’s happening in social media and how does it engage with artists (or not) the participants will look into a few apps that are often used to produce content for social media and create a short experimental video or digital Image. According to their needs they will be supported to include storytelling techniques from the field of documentary, fiction, associative shooting and editing.(Text by courtesy of Ann Schomburg)

Ann Schomburg (*1984) lives and works in Berlin. Schomburg is working on strategies of infiltration to given structures by adapting the logic of the specific system.

More information on the ANN SCHOMBURG Website.